Moon Veil by Peter Koeszeghy

The man in the moon


“If a shaman looks at himself in a mirror during full moon light, the same creature is looking back which he has been himself in a former life.“

When I was a little child I lived in a small village in Hungary. Nights were very starry then, thousands of them could be viewed in the sky. And full moon, when it’s time arrived, was very grand and bright. As a child I always thought I only had to jump up vigorously and land there immediately.

I always sleep very badly during full moon time – even today as a grown-up. The magic of full moon light is so energetic and extremely magnetic that my spirit seems to be nearly pulled out of my head.

In the room where I slept as a little child a waver-thin curtain hung in front of the window like a veil above the outside world. And if I couldn’t sleep during full moon times I hummed some self invented melodies for myself to lull me to sleep. At the same time in my imagination I tried to catch the moon shining in my bedroom with this curtain, thinking about putting him on a veil and catapulting him off like a ball in order to let me sleep in the end. This veil I required every month during full moon.

Once I discovered a face in the moon: it smiled at me and at the same time calmed me down. Suddenly the moon appeared as a person locked in heaven unable to move. I felt pity for him. After that I sung my hummed melodies for the moon himself, thinking of freeing the locked person there. The melody played by the melodica still is the same old melody I always tried to hum. The moon melody. And the toy piano creates the atmosphere of a children’s room, the place where I felt so comfortable.

Nowadays I also often look at the full moon through my window and hum the melody.Unfortunately the creature still is locked in the moon.”Moon veil“, the piece for toy piano and melodica, is a new attempt to get the creature out there.

I composed this special piece only at night, during the light of full moon. Now the music shall be the veil instead of the curtain. I don’t want to catapult the moon like a ball anymore – rather cover him so that the creature has it more comfortable inside, in this magical, round, sandy and cold planet companion.

Peter Koeszeghy 14th November 2013