Image from Twink the toy band

The UnCaged Toy Piano Festival  returns after Thanksgiving in 2015!

Let’s face it–I’m a proud Astorian. UnCaged Festival comes to Astoria this year for three shows! 
NOV. 27: Hi-Fi Records
UnCaged Teaser, 7PM

DEC.4: Museum of the Moving Image
Toys and Moving Images, 7PM

DEC.4: Uke Hut
After-party with Petite Pépinot, 9:30PM

DEC 5: Q.E.D. Astoria
Acopladitos! 10:30AM( Kid’s event)

Since this year’s festival is mostly focused on toy piano music with an emphasis on a  film/video component, we have skipped the 2015 composition competition.  We will return in 2016!

What’s a toy piano festival? Here’s a video story on our 2011 debut festival  from the Associated French Press (click image)