Margaret Leng Tan/Ranjit Batnagar unveil the Speak and Play

On December 12th, Margaret Leng Tan and Ranjit Batnagar team up to premiere the Speak And Play, a hacked-invented keyboard instrument made by Ranjit during his “An Instrument-A-Day” project last February. Read about what we can expect to see at Pianos!

¬†Ranjit and I are planning for this UNCAGED launch premiere of SPEAK AND PLAY is to use selections from John Cage’s INDETERMINACY as the basis for our performance. Indeterminacy consists of ¬†99 anecdotes each of which have to be performed within the span of one minute. Some have a lot of words, some are very sparse so this determines the speed of execution.

We have selected 14 stories that we like and I have asked Ranjit to reduce that to 8, based on his preference. Ideally we will prepare 8 and on the evening perform 5 selected randomly (by someone in the audience?). If we don’t have enuf time we will just prepare 5.

After Ranjit has programmed the words into SPEAK AND PLAY, I will proceed to translate the stories into a playable musical experience. For variety’s sake I think I will share the speaking role with the computer’s robot voice. Cage’s Indeterminacy also calls for auxiliary sounds/noises so Ranjit will provide these live, using various toys from his and my arsenal! He’ll have a field day!

This will be a unique rendition of Indeterminacy for sure!

There is a nice video of us realizing SPEAK AND PLAY at: