Dec.3: Toy Bonanza (8pm)

In our three-hour toy instrument marathon, this evening will premiere the winning and selected works from this year’s UnCaged Toy Piano submissions. Aside from these works, performers will also play what they do best, whether it’s a toy piano and electronics improvisation, works written specifically for them, or showing  off what the robot toy piano can play! In the flexible and beautiful 3000 square-foot Dimenna Center located at 37 Arts, we will set up separate performance stations, one for each artist performing that evening. People are invited to come and go between sets, have a drink with us in the lounge and duck back into the hall for more! $15 at door

Featured artist include:

Takuji Kawai

Miguel Frasconi

Margaret Leng Tan

David Smooke

Ranjit Bhatnagar

Phyllis Chen